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It’s probably no surprise to learn European women are increasing the use of mobile phones to access Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media including Twitter.  The dramatic rise you’ll discover soon, is a mirror reflection of what we are experiencing here on this “side of the pond”.  The use of websites for mobile phones appears to be closing in on its predicted crown as the way the majority of people access the internet.  While those numbers aren’t predicted to surpass desktop internet access until either 2013 or 2015 (depends on which survey you believe), make no mistake having websites for mobile phones is critical for small businesses.

Given the rise in mobile internet access, coupled with the “Local” Nature of mobile shoppers and the now rising numbers of social media access we believe local small businesses need mobile websites, and now require Facebook pages as well.  It has been quite a while now since Google visitors in any given day have been surpassed by Facebook users.  Factoring in the boom social media is experiencing due to  the mobile rise in access, a business Facebook page is a must.

A special thank you to the editors of the UK’s, “Women in Technology” news site for these new numbers on mobile use and social media.

Mobile social networking rises 44% in 12 months

The number of people accessing social media websites and apps on their mobile phones has increased by 44 per cent in the past 12 months, new figures show.

Providing an insight into the changing ways that consumers both interact with each other and use technology, the comScore study revealed that in the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), 55.1 million people used their phones for social media.

Figures also reveal that the rate of growth in the use of social networking on a daily basis has risen beyond the growth rate of first-time adoption.

This suggests that “the behaviour is becoming even more ingrained into people’s daily mobile lives”, observed Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe vice-president for Mobile.

Almost one-quarter (23.5 per cent) of mobile phone users were found to access sites like Facebook or blogs on their device, with 46.8 per cent accessing them every day.

While Facebook is significantly the most-visited social media website accessed from mobiles, Twitter has seen a 115 per cent increase over a 12-month period and LinkedIn has grown 134 per cent.

The number of people using apps has doubled over the year to 24.2 million.

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