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Websites for Mobile Must Take into Consideration Small Business Marketing for Mobile Sites and SEO

The Internet, growing at lightening speed, is accessed from more places and more new devices than ever before. Websites for mobile are now growing rapidly. In fact, it is predicted that mobile access will surpass desktop access by the year 2015 according to research conducted by Google. This growth is perplexing to designers of websites for mobile and it means that with every site they build there must be a well rounded mobile strategy with consideration for small business marketing and SEO.

A strategy is a well thought out plan to follow to achieve a goal, in this case, a Search Engine Optimized mobile website design. It is critical to have a good plan on how mobile sites are going to perform in cyberspace. Your strategy should should also include what a user experience when visiting your website.

This is the first of a series of articles on 10  important strategies that a mobile website designer must consider throughout the construction process of your website.We will look at all aspects from strategy to design to implementation to create a successful launch of you mobile website. There will also be discussions on small business marketing and SEO for mobile sites.

Below are the 10 facts that you need to consider when your web designer is working on your website:

1.  Why go mobile?

2.  What are you business objectives?

3.  Research data relating to what is already done for your industry.

4.  Web Design optimized for a vast assortment of desktop and mobile devices

5.  Is your mobile website simple and user friendly, as well as SEO and attractive?

6  Mobile website devices demand single column layouts.

7.  Organize your mobile website with cllapsible navigation

8.  Take clickable to tappable

9.  Provide response to user actions

10.Stage dressed rehearsals of your mobile website on a varitey of devices

MobileLocalWebsite.com will go  into detail about each of the strategies in a way that will provide insight into what it takes to design successful websites for mobile  that have good SEO and small business marketing.


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