Sorry To See You Go….

PayPal Cancellation Page - Sorry To See You GoPlease come back when you change your mind.

We really appreciate you seriously considering using our firm to design your mobile website.

After continuing your search, we definitely hope to see you come back here.

Meanwhile, to show our appreciation, and give you a guide

to use while considering your site, please sign up below and get your free copy  of our report, “Websites For Mobile Users”.

In it are the Five most important design characteristics your site must have to be Mobile Friendly.

And having a mobile website will be a must if we are going to keep up with the never ending changes happening on the internet.

By 2015, more of us will be using mobile devices than are using desktops.  Why today already, 25% of internet users neither own or plan to buy any computers.  They always use their smart Phone or their tablet or iPad.

Now days, we still let our fingers to the walking….  but our yellow pages have truly changed into what we call the World Wide Web.  The search engines we use are our modern phone book.

We will continue to “Call” stores or places of business…  it will just be that we call them from our mobile phones and not from the old fashion, “land line”.

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