Thank You — We Hope You Enjoy Our Small Business Online Series of eBooks

Informed customers make the best decisions whether they are buying services for the business or gifts for the family.

I put this collection of eBooks and Reports together for our existing and future customers.  Hopefully these will help small business people better understand what to look for when designing a bona-fide user friendly mobile website or when marketing on the internet for their business. In today’s world both desktop and a mobile websites are necessary to compete successfully.

In all I have written, I have tried to remember my roots of thirty plus years in small business and how I still feel about my business.  My feelings about marketing have always been and still remain…. “Just let my marketing bring me new customers and business, and those of us who work here will do the rest”.  No one knows your business or your customers like you do, so if we are able to help, it will likely be with ideas for you to consider while looking for new customers and finding ways to increase the loyalty of your existing customers.

For those of you who may be new to online marketing, always remember how important it is to be found online by targeted visitors. You can do that two ways: free and paid traffic. Once you get visitors though, you must have well designed sites to keep them from leaving, perhaps for good.

Designing amazing and affordable mobile websites is just a part of what we love and what we do. We are small business marketers first and want our small business clients to win the war for New Customers.


Judy Culpepper, Founder

LinkBlaze Marketing


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Best Mobile Website Design


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Please feel free to download all of the materials here if you need them. They are here for you, and so you are welcome to them. If you know other small business people who might find these useful, please encourage them to visit us at We would sincerely appreciate your support in our quest to make meaningful information available to small business. As time passes and our resources continue to grow, we will be notifying our subscribers with tips and free or “almost free” gems of information intended to take the mystery out of succeeding on the internet.

Would we like to do business with you? Of course, we would. However, we want that decision to be solely yours and one made only because you like our products and only if we have been a reliable and helpful vendor to you.

To Your Continued Success in Business,