How They Shop on Websites For Mobile or Mars vs. Venus Again

Men and Women shop differently when using their mobile devices to shop.  He says tomato and she says tahmahtoe.  Well, not exactly, but just like in the grocery store…. she is more likely to hand the clerk a coupon to save some money.  On the other, hand he is more likely to stand in the middle of a store while in the process of ordering an item he is looking at from the store’s competitor located elsewhere.

One our favorite sources for the interesting stats we love to devour are the folks at  They kept our interest recently with these observations of how men and women shop on websites for mobile .

Men and Women Differ in Their Use of Mobile Devices

Of the survey respondents who plan to use a mobile device for holiday shopping this season, men and women replied differently when asked how and where they will use their

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Men and Women Shopping Online

smartphones. When asked to select all of the ways in which they plan to use their mobile devices, 77 percent of men plan to check prices online before making an offline purchase, compared with 71 percent of women. More women indicated a preference for shopping applications and retailer coupons, with 59 percent planning to use shopping apps, 57 percent planning to view retailer emails with coupons or discounts while shopping in stores, and 47 percent planning to have coupons texted directly to a mobile device. This is compared with 51 percent, 51 percent and 30 percent of men, respectively.

When asked to identify where they will shop while using a mobile device, 82 percent of women said they will shop from home, compared with 77 percent of men, and 20 percent of women will shop while standing in line, compared with 16 percent of men. Forty-four percent of men will shop from work, versus 39 percent of women, and 25 percent of men will shop via mobile device from a brick-and-mortar store, compared with only 18 percent of women.

Local Deal Sites Prove Popular for Holiday Gift Giving

The daily deal industry has exploded over the past year, and consumers are frequently tapping into this trend for 2011’s holiday shopping season. PriceGrabber’s survey data found that 59 percent of consumers plan to use local deal sites, like PriceGrabber’s local deals offering. For holiday gift purchases this year, PriceGrabber local deals can be found at and similar Websites.

When asked to select all of the local deal categories they plan to search for gifts, the Shopping category dominated, winning over 56 percent of consumers. This was followed by 50 percent of consumers planning to search Entertainment & Events, Family & Kids, or Food & Dining; 34 percent planning to search Beauty & Spas or Home & Personal Services; 26 percent opting for Hotels & Travel; 24 percent saying they will search Active Life & Fitness; 17 percent planning to search Automotive or Education; and 15 percent selecting Health & Medical.

Local deal sites are revolutionizing the way consumers look at gift giving, placing a new emphasis on experiential gifts that family and friends can enjoy together,” added Jones. “Despite a challenging economic climate, consumers still want to feel that they are living richly, and local deals are a fantastic way to bring together loved ones during the holiday season at a reasonable price.”

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Making the Most of Websites for Mobile

We did more research and found these really great Tips On Finding Shopping Deals on Your Mobile Device. The LA Times ran a cover story on Mobile Shopping Guides and how you can zero in on some of the best shopping deals around.



Mobile shopping guides


Some big retailers such as Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. offer their own mobile

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She Found A Sale Online

applications for shoppers to individually download to their smartphones or tablet computers.

With these apps, shoppers can often get up-to-the-minute information about sale items, instant bargains, what’s located where and what’s in stock.

Perhaps the most useful apps collect product data from several retailers and sort it so consumers can compare prices side-by-side from local and online merchants to find the best deal.

That’s a great help to price-conscious people such as Bill Grayson, a 50-year-old engineer who swears by a similar price-comparison app called ShopSavvy. After standing in line at Sears for hours to snag a big-screen TV during Black Friday last year, the San Jose resident said he scanned the bar code using the app just to see if the price was better elsewhere. He said he ended up saving $1,400 by buying it online.

“It helps me spontaneously make a decision whether to buy the product in front of me or wait longer for a sale,” Grayson said. “I’m definitely going to use it again this Christmas.”


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We believe the dye is cast and the consumer is in control of his or her shopping.  Free market sources are hard at work on the internet.  Here at, we are constantly advising our clients to stay in front of their customers by using websites for mobile devices in their marketing mix.