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Websites For Mobile Have Realtors Scrambling

Facebook Pages, Websites for Mobile, Desktop Websites?

Websites for Mobile are a Must Today

Years ago, when I was a realtor, all we had to worry about were interest rates and how you handled the buyer phone calls coming into your office. Call forwarding was new then, so technology actually kept me calmer as I answered the phone on the weekends pretending to be at work.

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Websites for Mobile Sell Properties

Today however, keeping up with technologically equipped Joneses is tough. Once you get over figuring out how to use your smartphone, then you have to figure out how to equip your web presence so potential buyers and listing prospects come to your websites. Yes, I said websites, because today you need your regular site, a special website for mobile devices for the people on smartphones, and the ones attached to social media make it a must for you to be on Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on and on and on. Like I said, tough.

True Real Estate professionals know today’s technology will make or break them, consequently a good portion of their marketing budgets are going into internet and mobile marketing efforts.

Just in case you missed it, the March 30, 2012 issue of the Realtor Magazine online version published this in their “Daily Real Estate News”. If you are currently hesitating to jump into mobile marketing, you may want to take the leap now while the water is warm. By next year, you could be too late to catch up.


Smartphone Adoption Surges

Daily Real Estate News | Friday, March 30, 2012

Real estate professionals are tackling more mobile outreach markets efforts to reach clients — making sure their Web site is easy to view and use from a phone, adopting QR codes in marketing, and even creating apps that potential clients can use to access real estate information while on-the-go.

The adoption of more mobile tools seems to be warranted: A new study shows that nearly half of all U.S. mobile subscribers are now using smartphones, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen. Smartphone usage has jumped 38 percent in the last year alone, according to Nielsen research.

And the number keeps growing. Two-thirds of new mobile purchases in the last three months is for a smartphone over a “feature phone,” the study finds.

Android OS devices continues to be the leader with 48 percent of the smartphone market share. Meanwhile, 32 percent of smartphone users have an Apple iPhone, and 11.6 percent have a Blackberry.

Source: “Smartphones Account for Half of All Mobile Phones, Dominate New Phone Purchases in U.S.,” Nielsen (March 29, 2012)

For more about this and for related articles, click on:  Websites for Mobile and visit the online version of the Realtors Magazine for this and related articles on mobile marketing and the Real Estate Industry.

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Real Estate, Another Industry Changed Forever By Mobile Website Design

We’ve brought you two perspectives on what is happening right now and how buyers of real estate will gravitate to the real estate agents who understand the power of mobile. First, take a look at what Digital Journal has to say…

The Use of Websites for Mobile Phones By Home Buyers and Renters Trumps ALL

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More and more consumers are using their phones to search for a place to live as more marketers embrace mobile tools such as QR (Quick Response) codes, text codes, location based searches, mapping, and mobile enabled websites.

Network Communications, Inc., publishers of The Real Estate Book and Apartment Finder magazines and websites recently launched mobile enabled versions of their websites, apps and new mobile marketing tools within the magazine’s printed pages, increasing online activity, searches and consumer response to their advertisers.

Because finding a home is largely based on location, location, location, the ability to search in close proximity to one’s physical location and the ability view more information at any place or time make mobile tools particularly relevant.

Mobile versions of and launched earlier this year. Both sites have seen mobile traffic jump over 200% over the past 3 months. Currently, mobile search account for over 16% of apartment searches and approximately 8% of residential real estate searches for NCI, but the sites are still relatively new and traffic and response has been growing monthly. Visitors convert to leads at almost twice the rate of web based searches.

Nielsen Research also recently released compelling information stating that in June of 2011, time spent on mobile apps and sites surpassed time spent surfing web sites on a laptop or desktop computer and the prediction that by 2013, more people will own smart phones than personal computers or laptops.

Read the entire Digital Journal article on this new mobile website design phenomenon here….

Best Mobile Website Design Is Critical To Mobile Website Visitors

TMC News brings the importance of a website for mobile phones to be user friendly.  This is corroborated by a recent Google study done by its mobile ad department.  This research indicated that 61% of mobile users are unlikely to ever return to a site which was difficult to navigate or hard to read or use in any way.

For reasons such as these, the focus is now solidly upon Mobile Website Design and making websites, “mobile friendly“.  Here’s what TMC News has discovered about mobile friendly websites and the real estate prospects who have used mobile to find property.

The Smart New Way To Help Make Your Website Mobile

[Grimsby Telegraph (UK)]

(Grimsby Telegraph (UK) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)

IF THERE’S one thing that turns people off using mobile phones to navigate websites, it’s slow loading times.

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Let Me Check On This One

This is especially true when looking at property websites, where the amount of information on display can just about bring your phone to a standstill.

If you spot a house you like and search for it on your phone, there’s a fair chance you will spend the best part of the next hour slowly navigating your way through an estate agent’s website.

On a laptop or home PC, the agent’s website might be super- smooth, but that’s because it was designed for computers.

But by having a website optimized for mobile phones, estate agents can now give their customers the perfect online experience, at home or out and about. Over the next few years, this will become more important given that recent research by Morgan Stanley has indicated that by 2014, 50 per cent of internet searches for property will come via a mobile device.

“The growth in the number of property searches carried out on mobile platforms shows the need for estate agents to continue to integrate new technology into the running of their business.

The rest of this informative article can be found here on the Website.

We at believe this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will be seeing in the mobile website design arena.  As people and web users everywhere move away from their desktops and grab mobile devices, websites for mobile will soon be the norm.

Our clients have been advised that to ignore the climb of mobile use will be at their own peril.  Like everything else in technology, the price has dropped for excellent mobile website design, so the time is now to jump on the bandwagon.  This will not be a time to be playing “catch up”.