How Does Your Site Look On A Mobile Phone Emulator?

How your site appears on a mobile phone emulator will be how it looks on a cell phone of that type.  Take a moment to visit this mobile phone emulator and enter the size of your desktop monitor in inches, choose a mobile phone type, choose the screen orientation (either portrait / vertical or landscape / horizontal), and finally type in the URL or web address of the site.

Hit enter and you will see, in the mobile phone type pictured, how your site appears.  If your website has a separate mobile site, this emulator will redirect to your separate mobile site.  However, this assumes your webmaster configured it to do so.

To see how a separate website is redirected, type in our URL,, and you will be “redirected” to our separate siteYou will really notice how different it is from this site which is designed for the desktop user.

3.  Read the directions below to use the mobile phone emulator

Websites for Mobile, Mobile Phone Emulator

Mobile Phone Emulator Directions























Click on the picture of the iPhone below which just happens to show the home page of our mobile website and enjoy the emulator.

Mobile Phone Emulator, Websites for Mobile

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