Websites for Mobile in Milwaukee Schools Keep Parents in the Loop

Written by:  Judy Culpepper, Partner

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Websites for Mobile to Help Milwaukee Schools

Surely there are more reasons to build websites for mobile other than to simply facilitate eCommerce and local shoppers.  What you are about to read is a testimonial to the dedicated people who work in our educational system in all parts of our great country.

If you’ve been following the news we bring, you’ll remember the statistics on how rapidly mobile devices accessing the internet will surpass desktop and laptop access.  A few months ago those numbers were estimated to cross in 2015.  Today some are saying this will happen as early as 2013.

Another interesting statistic was that of the mobile internet users.  Some 25% of these internet users rarely or never access the web using a desktop computer or laptop.  Additionally they have no intention of purchasing a computer, many citing the expense of doing so.

Read and watch here how the Milwaukee Public School District is working toward a mobile website design which will solve communications problems faced in schools where the vast majority of kids on are the free and reduced lunch programs.  Our sincere thanks to Channel 12 WISN in Milwaukee for bringing this story to our attention.

MPS Creates Technology For Mobile, Struggling Families District Seeking Suggestions For New Mobile Website

Marianne Lyles, WISN 12 News Reporter

MILWAUKEE —The Milwaukee Public School District is embarking on technology only a few school districts in the country have.

It’s a new mobile website, and it’s going to accommodate the lower-income families in the district who tend to move around a lot because of financial reasons.

Amy Kant is sort of the go-to person for MPS’ websites and social media, but in her position, she faces many hurdles.

“When I go to schools and meet with principals about their websites, the one thing they’re telling me is families may not have a computer at home,” said Kant.

Families in MPS have a hard time getting to the main site on a computer because of the district’s poverty level.

“That’s something we have to keep in mind when 82 percent of our kids are on free and reduced lunch,” said Roseann St. Aubin, MPS communications director. “We also know there are challenges within that family.”

However, MPS has discovered one thing a majority of families do have.

“Purchasing a computer, and paying for broadband internet access can be kind of pricey, but almost every single family has a smart phone,” said Kant.

The current site is too complex to scroll through on a mobile device, so MPS is creating a mobile site that’s simple yet still has all the information parents need.

Right now MPS is asking families to chime in with suggestions on the district’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

“They want to see lunch menus,” said Kant. “They want to see school information and phone numbers, addresses, a map.”

The site will be ready by the end of this school year.

Sometimes it is easy to forget how often applications designed for business are ultimately applied to other areas of our lives.  Areas outside of business which help those less fortunate have better lives of their own.

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