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Written by Judy Culpepper

Websites for Mobile, Olive Garden

One of the "Big Boys" - Olive Garden

Welcome to  In this section you find posts and articles meant to provide more in depth information on the prevalence and growth of the mobile market on the internet. We post here often, and when we do, you can rest assured it is with good reason.

Websites for Mobile covers topics such as mobile SEO, mobile shopping,  and website design for mobile.

You’ll discover how these changes affect our businesses, our shopping, and our everyday lives.  Over time this will be an excellent chronological accounting of how rapidly the internet and its uses change.

We often talk about helping small business compete with the so-called, “Big Boys”. They don’t get much bigger in the restaurant business than Olive Garden.

Follow this site to find the latest in methods to compete effectively against the larger corporate beast in the marketing arena.  A little American ingenuity coupled with hard work and a couple of bucks and your small business will have all the tools at your disposal.

Discover how easily you can manage your own web destiny without having to hire a full time IT person.  We know where you can learn how to DIY with confidence or can give you the inexpensive tools to teach your employees how to do what needs to be done and to provide you with reports. Start by signing up here for your first Free Report on Websites for Mobile.


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