Mobile SEO: Understanding SEO on Websites for Mobile Devices

Mobile SEO Is Different from Traditional Web Search

SEO Websites for Mobile Devices Seeks to Please Mobile Crawlers and User Agents

Mobile website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is driven by the rankings from mobile Internet search engines. SEO for mobile devices is different because they have bots and algorithms uncommon to those used for a traditional web search. They analyze your website like it were displayed on a mobile phone, and they are ranked primarily based on how well the page will appear on the model of phone that submitted the search.

Your log files will show that Googlebot-Mobile has different user elements that differentiate

Mobile SEO, Mobile Website Design

Mobile SEO Is Here To Stay

between all the various mobile devices, like an iPhone, Samsung phone,  or an Erickson phone. Actually, different handsets have different Internet search results dependent on the feedback that Google receives from the different individual cellphones and mobile devices. You can best improve your mobile SEO results by ensuring your content will render well and load quickly on any mobile device.

Because the mobile search engines aren’t as carefully updated as the traditional engines, they’re still  ranking high despite the mobile website’s bounce rate.   Instead the bots are  looking at mobile site visitors as barometers based on how well the website renders on a particular phone.  This should reinforce the reason to have top notch mobile rendering. Here’s the best way to improve mobile rankings and mobile rending of the website.

Mobile SEO and Website Design

Relentless application of SEO best practices will enhance your mobile search results. Mobile bots and indexes are not the same as web sear, but title tags, heading tags, and alt tags are crucial.

If your traditional SEO is well-done, then create a secondary mobile style sheet for your desktop website and call it  “handheld.css.” You can then easily format existing pages for use on websites for mobile devices without the need for you to develop separate mobile content. The SEO clout you have achieved on your existing website will empower your mobile website without creating new pages.  The mobile style sheet allows you to prevent things from being rendered using a “display:none” attribute in the style sheet. Websites for mobile automatically pull the “handheld” style sheet (except IPhones).

This is the first in a series of articles about SEO for mobile device websites. As you can see, this can be complicated and often businesses looking for mobile SEO look to an expert to handle this task. We here at would love the opportunity to discuss your mobile website needs.  Email us at Mobile SEO Help.


Mobile Phone Emulator For Any Website – Check Yours

How Does Your Site Look On A Mobile Phone Emulator?

How your site appears on a mobile phone emulator will be how it looks on a cell phone of that type.  Take a moment to visit this mobile phone emulator and enter the size of your desktop monitor in inches, choose a mobile phone type, choose the screen orientation (either portrait / vertical or landscape / horizontal), and finally type in the URL or web address of the site.

Hit enter and you will see, in the mobile phone type pictured, how your site appears.  If your website has a separate mobile site, this emulator will redirect to your separate mobile site.  However, this assumes your webmaster configured it to do so.

To see how a separate website is redirected, type in our URL,, and you will be “redirected” to our separate siteYou will really notice how different it is from this site which is designed for the desktop user.

3.  Read the directions below to use the mobile phone emulator

Websites for Mobile, Mobile Phone Emulator

Mobile Phone Emulator Directions























Click on the picture of the iPhone below which just happens to show the home page of our mobile website and enjoy the emulator.

Mobile Phone Emulator, Websites for Mobile

Mobile Site for Mobile Local

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