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Written by Judy Culpepper

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One of the "Big Boys" - Olive Garden

Welcome to  In this section you find posts and articles meant to provide more in depth information on the prevalence and growth of the mobile market on the internet. We post here often, and when we do, you can rest assured it is with good reason.

Websites for Mobile covers topics such as mobile SEO, mobile shopping,  and website design for mobile.

You’ll discover how these changes affect our businesses, our shopping, and our everyday lives.  Over time this will be an excellent chronological accounting of how rapidly the internet and its uses change.

We often talk about helping small business compete with the so-called, “Big Boys”. They don’t get much bigger in the restaurant business than Olive Garden.

Follow this site to find the latest in methods to compete effectively against the larger corporate beast in the marketing arena.  A little American ingenuity coupled with hard work and a couple of bucks and your small business will have all the tools at your disposal.

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What Do Websites for Mobile Phones, Groupon, and Dentists Have To Do with Each Other?

So what do you do when you can’t afford to go to the dentist and you have a problem? Well, pick up your cell phone and check the websites for mobile phones like Groupon or the other local daily deal sites. It might be just the savior you need if you are short on cash, but long on a tooth ache. Going to the dentist can be quite expensive, and you may not have either an insurance plan or a dental discount card.

Fortunately though, websites like Groupon frequently have daily specials with local dentists. Dental care is extremely important to your overall health, so visits to the dentist should occur at least every six months. Other health care providers offer “deals” for their services too.

Discover more in this article published in the Chicago Tribune’s, “Breaking Business“.

Uninsured Turn to Groupon, Daily Deal Sites for Health Care

Associated Press

The last time Mark Stella went to the dentist he didn’t need an insurance card. Instead, he pulled out a Groupon.

websites for mobile phones, Groupon, healthcare, LivingSocial, lasik, daily deal

Daily Deals for Dental and General Healthcare

Stella, a small business owner, canceled his health insurance plan more than three years ago when his premium rose to more than $400 a month. He considered himself healthy and decided that he was wasting money on something that he rarely used.

So when a deal popped up on daily deals site Groupon for a teeth cleaning, exam and an X-ray at a nearby dentist, Stella, 55, bought the deal — which the company calls a “Groupon” — for himself and another for his daughter. He paid $39 for each, $151 below what the dentist normally charges.

Daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are best known for offering limited-time discounts on a variety of discretionary goods and services including restaurant meals, wine tastings, spa visits and hotel stays. The discounts are paid for upfront and then it’s up to the customer to book an appointment and redeem a coupon before it expires. Merchants like the deals because it gives them exposure and a pop in business. Customers use them to try something new, to save money on something they already use, or both.

The sites are increasingly moving beyond little luxuries like facials and vacations and offering deals that are helping some people fill holes in their health insurance coverage. Visitors to these sites are finding a growing number of markdowns on health care services such as teeth cleanings, eye exams, chiropractic care and even medical checkups. They’re also offering deals on elective procedures not commonly covered by health insurers, such as wrinkle-reducing Botox injections and vision-correcting Lasik eye surgery. About one out of every 11 deals offered online is for a health care service, according to data compiled by, a site that gathers and lists 20,000 deals a day from different websites.

“I was accustomed to going to the dentist every six months,” said Stella who owns SmartPhones, a store and wholesale business in Miami that sells mobile phone covers and accessories. “This filled the gap.”

The deals are popping up across the nation. In New York, a full medical checkup with blood, stool and urinalysis testing sold for $69 in December on Groupon — below the regular price of $200. In Seattle, a flu shot was offered on AmazonLocal for $17, down from $35. In Chicago, LivingSocial sold a dental exam, cleaning, X-rays and teeth whitening trays for $99, a savings of $142.

For those in need of medical care they might otherwise forgo in these tough times, you must read more here about the deals on these websites for mobile phones.  The full article will give you helpful and healthful ideas you may not have otherwise had.

A Daily Deal on Websites for Mobile Phones May Be Just What Some People Really Need Right Now

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