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Written by Judy Culpepper

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One of the "Big Boys" - Olive Garden

Welcome to  In this section you find posts and articles meant to provide more in depth information on the prevalence and growth of the mobile market on the internet. We post here often, and when we do, you can rest assured it is with good reason.

Websites for Mobile covers topics such as mobile SEO, mobile shopping,  and website design for mobile.

You’ll discover how these changes affect our businesses, our shopping, and our everyday lives.  Over time this will be an excellent chronological accounting of how rapidly the internet and its uses change.

We often talk about helping small business compete with the so-called, “Big Boys”. They don’t get much bigger in the restaurant business than Olive Garden.

Follow this site to find the latest in methods to compete effectively against the larger corporate beast in the marketing arena.  A little American ingenuity coupled with hard work and a couple of bucks and your small business will have all the tools at your disposal.

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Websites For Mobile Have Realtors Scrambling

Facebook Pages, Websites for Mobile, Desktop Websites?

Websites for Mobile are a Must Today

Years ago, when I was a realtor, all we had to worry about were interest rates and how you handled the buyer phone calls coming into your office. Call forwarding was new then, so technology actually kept me calmer as I answered the phone on the weekends pretending to be at work.

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Websites for Mobile Sell Properties

Today however, keeping up with technologically equipped Joneses is tough. Once you get over figuring out how to use your smartphone, then you have to figure out how to equip your web presence so potential buyers and listing prospects come to your websites. Yes, I said websites, because today you need your regular site, a special website for mobile devices for the people on smartphones, and the ones attached to social media make it a must for you to be on Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on and on and on. Like I said, tough.

True Real Estate professionals know today’s technology will make or break them, consequently a good portion of their marketing budgets are going into internet and mobile marketing efforts.

Just in case you missed it, the March 30, 2012 issue of the Realtor Magazine online version published this in their “Daily Real Estate News”. If you are currently hesitating to jump into mobile marketing, you may want to take the leap now while the water is warm. By next year, you could be too late to catch up.


Smartphone Adoption Surges

Daily Real Estate News | Friday, March 30, 2012

Real estate professionals are tackling more mobile outreach markets efforts to reach clients — making sure their Web site is easy to view and use from a phone, adopting QR codes in marketing, and even creating apps that potential clients can use to access real estate information while on-the-go.

The adoption of more mobile tools seems to be warranted: A new study shows that nearly half of all U.S. mobile subscribers are now using smartphones, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen. Smartphone usage has jumped 38 percent in the last year alone, according to Nielsen research.

And the number keeps growing. Two-thirds of new mobile purchases in the last three months is for a smartphone over a “feature phone,” the study finds.

Android OS devices continues to be the leader with 48 percent of the smartphone market share. Meanwhile, 32 percent of smartphone users have an Apple iPhone, and 11.6 percent have a Blackberry.

Source: “Smartphones Account for Half of All Mobile Phones, Dominate New Phone Purchases in U.S.,” Nielsen (March 29, 2012)

For more about this and for related articles, click on:  Websites for Mobile and visit the online version of the Realtors Magazine for this and related articles on mobile marketing and the Real Estate Industry.

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Mobile Website Design Lagging With Small Business

70% Of Small Business Has No Mobile Website Design

You’ve heard about being fashionably late to the party… well, small business is now fashionably late to the mobile website design party. That’s now, but in the not so distant future small business may be so late the party will be over. After the numbers came in for 2011, the estimates for the time frame when mobile website internet access would beat desktop access became 2013. Do the math. That’s one year from now. It’s time to move forward today., a great source for staying in touch with the trends in business and technology, reports on the positive affects of mobile phone use growth with real life businesses. Even more amazing is the increase in accessing the social network sites like Pandora, Facebook, and Twitter from mobile phones.

Read more right here and we believe these numbers will simply floor you.


It’s Becoming A Mobile-First World

By Ryan Kim

In the last day, I’ve gotten two notes from start-ups that began on the web but have seen their businesses transformed by mobile, as users increasingly shift their consumption to mobile apps and browsers. This might seem obvious in a world in which services like Twitter and Pandora now get most of their traffic from mobile. But it bears highlighting because the trend is happening across all sorts of apps and websites and that has implications for developers, publishers and businesses, who must now consider what a mobile-first world looks like.

The latest examples came to me from online design store, which just launched in June and then pushed out its first mobile apps for iOS and Android in October. In just three months, it said that 30 percent of its traffic is now on mobile. MyYearbook, a social networking site that was bought by Quepasa last year, said, thanks to a big holiday push, it now has 54 percent of its traffic coming in on mobile.

Now, these are just two examples, but it shows that though they both got their start on the web, they’re increasingly running mobile services. Twitter’s mobile traffic is up to 55 percent while Pandora is up to 60 percent according to Mary Meeker, of Kleiner Perkins. That’s happening quickly with Facebook as well, which has 350 million of its 800 million users actively accessing the social network through mobile channels.

mobile website design, social sites, small business, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora

Social Site Mobile Access Graph | Years 2008 - 2010

Meeker highlighted this at the Web 2.0 summit in October, showing how mobile search, payments and shopping has taken off in the last two years. Online shopping destinations like eBay are seeing more and more sales via mobile devices. IBM said that 18.3 percent of all online sessions on retailers’ sites on Christmas were initiated from a mobile device, compared to 8.4 percent in 2010.

Meanwhile, Google is increasingly capitalizing on the growth of mobile searches by encouraging businesses to think mobile first. It has said that 44 percent of last minute holiday shopping searches was expected to be by mobile and 79 percent of smartphone users currently utilize their phones to help with price comparison, product searches and locating a retailer.

The fact is, thanks to smartphones and tablets, the way people are going to services and destinations is changing. People are accessing stuff all the time on the go and that requires developers and publishers to think mobile first.

Go now to GigaOM to take in the enormity of current mobile website design trends and  how they affect small business everywhere.

We are advising all of our clients to go mobile now.  As a matter of fact, we feel so strongly about it, in order to make our point, we ask our clients to sign a form indicating we have informed them of this trend and they have opted not to participate in the movement.

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